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A warm welcome to the Chair of Management.

On the following pages you will find information about our activities in research, teaching and practice. The Chair of Business Administration, in particular Management, is dedicated to current topics of strategic and entrepreneurial management in research, teaching and practice. 

Our research focuses on large-scale empirical research, we address three main topics in particular: (1) New business creation in established companies and start-ups (corporate and start-up entrepreneurship), (2) innovation-oriented management and (3) data analytics to support management decisions. Our research aims to make significant contributions to current topics in internationally oriented business administration.

In teaching, we offer lectures and courses in both the Bachelor's and Master's programmes with topics on strategic and entrepreneurial management. In the Bachelor's programme we offer an introduction to topics of strategic and international management, in the Master's programme we aim to extend these foundations with topics of entrepreneurial management (in particular corporate entrepreneurship and opportunity recognition) and strive to impart theoretical concepts to students in a practical way. 

It is our continuous intention to transfer scientific knowledge into practice and to apply and expand it with our cooperation partners in practice. We work together with cooperation partners in clearly defined temporary projects or in long-term cooperations. Currently it is a special concern for us - among many other topics - to transfer long established approaches in science for the analysis of large data sets to practical applications and thus to provide companies with important impulses for data-supported management decisions on the basis of existing (internal or external) data.

Please feel free to contact us - we look forward to exciting discussions with you.

Best regards

The Chair of Management Team

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